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109028, Moscow,
11, Pokrovsky boulevard

Phone: +7 (495) 531-00-00 *27254

Email: computerscience@hse.ru


First Deputy Dean Tamara Voznesenskaya
Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Sergei Obiedkov
Deputy Dean for Methodical and Educational Work Ilya Samonenko
Deputy Dean for Development, Finance and Administration Irina Plisetskaya
A randomized coordinate descent method with volume sampling

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ML-assisted versatile approach to Calorimeter R&D

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Journal of Instrumentation. 2020. Vol. 15. P. 1-7.

An accelerated directional derivative method for smooth stochastic convex optimization

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European Journal of Operational Research. 2021. Vol. 290. No. 2. P. 601-621.

Book chapter
On pattern setups and pattern multistructures

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Book chapter
Finite Time Analysis of Linear Two-timescale Stochastic Approximation with Markovian Noise

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In bk.: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research. Vol. 125: Proceedings of Thirty Third Conference on Learning Theory. 2020. P. 2144-2203.


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School of Software Engineering Alumni

School of Applied Mathematics and Information Science Alumni

Vyacheslav Alipov

Master's Alumnus 2014

Vyacheslav is a bronze-medal winner at ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 2014 as a member of the HSE Master's students team. Now he is working in Yandex as Senior Research Developer in Advertising Technologies Department. Interview (in Russian)
Ruslan Akhmetzyanov

Master's Alumnus 2008

Analyst in S7 Group. Interview (in Russian).
Isuf Atskanov

Bachelor Alumnus 2012

Quantitative Analyst at Aton (one of the largest Russian Investment Company). Interview (in Russian).

Anastasia Bashkeeva

Bachelor Alumna 2012
School of Data Analysis (Yandex) Alumna 2014

Lives in Dublin, Ireland, works in one of the Google headquater offices as Search Quality Strategist. Interview (in Russian).
Yuriy Bogomolov

Master's Alumnus 2015

Yuriy is working in Amazon, Seattle as a Software Development Engineer 2. Interview (in Russian)
Ekaterina Chernyak

Bachelor Alumna 2008, Master's Alumna 2010

Researcher in the International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science. Interview (in Russian)
Olga Fazylova

Bachelor Alumna 2014
Diploma with Honours

Student at Master's programme Economic and Financial Risk Engineering. Interview (in Russian).
Vadim Galkin
Bachelor Alumnus 2013

Winner of Ernst & Young Case Competition, awardee of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Volga-region Case Cup Changellenges. Business Analyst at Deloitte. Interview (in Russian).

Dmitry Gnatyshak

Bachelor Alumnus 2012, Master's Alumnus 2014

Dmitry is a PhD-student in Doctoral School of Computer Science and a research assistant in the International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, HSE. Dmitry has been awarded a ‘Golden Vyshka’ in the ‘Silver Bird’ category. Interview
Ksenia Kiseleva

Bachelor Alumna 2011, Master's Alumna 2013

Head of Group of portfolio analysis at Cetelem Bank. Loves travelling and dancing. Interview (in Russian)
Boris Kovalenko 

Master's Alumnus 2015 

Boris works in Rambler&Co, he is engaged in research and development in the behavioral advertising. Interview (in Russian)
Natalia Korepanova

Bachelor Alumna 2014

Student at Master's programme Data Science. Winner of Silver Nestling scholarship in 'Golden HSE ' 2014-ceremony. More (in Russian).
Alexander Kouprin

Master's Alumnus 2014

Alexander is a bronze-medal winner at ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 2014 as a member of the HSE Master's students team. Now he is working in Vkontakte as Software Developer.  Talk on Computer Science Days (in Russian)  
Anastasia Lomakina

Bachelor Alumna 2013


Twice winner of the DAAD scholarship program. Intern in the field of Data Analysis for Searchmetrics Company in Berlin.
Interview (in Russian).
Kirill Pogorelskiy

Master's Alumnus 2009

Completed a Ph.D. in Social Science at the California Institute of Technology. Kirill is joining the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick (UK) as Assistant Professor starting August 2015. Interview

Artem Revenko

Master's Alumnus 2010
Defended Phd Thesis in HSE in 2013

In 2013 Artem finished his PhD stidies in the HSE and defended the thesis in Russia. In 2015 he defended another thesis on Automatic Construction of Implicative Theories for Mathematical Domains in TU Dresden, Germany. Interview (in Russian)

Stanislav Semenov

Master's Alumnus 2015
Data Sciences programme

When being second year MA student Stanislav won 7th place in the final count of The Higgs Boson Machine Learning Challenge. Now he teaches Machine Learning in Yandex School of Data Analysis. Stanislav is in top-5 Kaggle rating on solving applied problems in Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Watch Interview (in Russian)
Svetlana Sentyabova

Bachelor Alumna 2006 (Perm Campus)
Master's Alumna 2009 (Moscow Campus)

Worked in GE Money, Alfa Bank and Bank Renaissance Credit. Now works in VTB24 as Leading Analyst. Interview (in Russian).

Polina Zhinalieva (bondareva)
Bachelor Alumna 2010, Master's Alumna 2012

Analyst in Yandex, group of Anti-SEO, Safe Search Division. Currently on leave to care for a 4 month-old daughter. Interview (in Russian)


School of Software Engineering Alumni

Vladimir Gromov

Bachelor Alumnus 2011

In 2014 Vladimir studied in double-degree Master's programme in the HSE and in TU/e (the Netherlands). Now he lives in the Netherlands and works as Software Engineer for UL Transaction Security compamy. Interview

Anton Kostyuk

Bachelor Alumnus 2011


Senior Consultant at IT Risks&Assurance, Ernst&Young. Interview (in Russian)

Maxim Kupriyanov

Bachelor Alumnus 2014

Senior Software Engineer in Meteora Company (USA, Texas). In Russia registered as an individual entrepreneur. Interview (in Russian)


Artem Olkov 

Bachelor Alumnus 2014

Artem has a number of independent, interesting projects, and actively growing startup Taifuno which is a chat in a mobile application. Artem likes snowboarding, playing the saxophone and dancing hip hop and funky jazz. Interview (in Russian)
Sergey Pronin 

Bachelor Alumnus 2012

Sergey was still studying for his degree in Software Engineering when he and others designed App in the Air , promoted by Apple as a successful mobile project. Sergei now works as the leading developer at Empatika and teaches at HSE. He talked to HSE News about trends in the app market, the unique Russian language course on developing iOS apps and about the principles of teaching in the IT sphere. Interview
Sergey Shershakov

Master's Alumnus 2012

Teaching «Algorithms ans Data Structures» course, researcher in  Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems. Interview
Artem Stafeev

Bachelor Alumnus 2014

The first HSE representative to win a state grant to study at a foreign university as part of the new governmental programme Global Education. Continued his Master's studies on Computer Science in the University of Southern California (USC), LA. Interview (in Russian)
Dmitriy Vikharev

Master's Alumnus 2011

Worked in Yandex as a Jr. Software Developer. Now Dmitriy is working in Mail.Ru on a position of Software Developer. Interview (in Russian)
Anna Zeldin (Kolpakova)
Bachelor Alumna 2014

Anna is doing her Master's in Biomedical Computing and Dmitry in Informatics, both is Technische Universität München. Interview (in Russian)

Dmitry Zeldin

Bachelor Alumnus 2014