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109028, Moscow,
11, Pokrovsky boulevard

Phone: +7 (495) 531-00-00 *27254

Email: computerscience@hse.ru


First Deputy Dean Tamara Voznesenskaya
Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Sergei Obiedkov
Deputy Dean for Methodical and Educational Work Ilya Samonenko
Deputy Dean for Development, Finance and Administration Irina Plisetskaya
Infinite transitivity, finite generation, and Demazure roots

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Bias in False Discovery Rate Estimation in Mass-Spectrometry-Based Peptide Identification

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Compression of recurrent neural networks for efficient language modeling

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Book chapter
Numerical Pattern Mining Through Compression

Makhalova T., Kuznetsov S., Napoli A.

In bk.: 2019 Data Compression Conference Proceedings. IEEE, 2019.

Bachelor's Programmes Open Day

*recommended age
Event ended

We invite students of 8 – 11 grades, their parents and teachers to the Bachelor's Programmes Open Day

In the programme:

  • Lecture by James Abdey, convenor of the Data Science and Business Analytics programme

"Data Science: Challenges and Opportunities"
In this information age, data of unprecedented sizes and complexities bring opportunities with challenges to almost all sectors in our society. Companies, governments, and academia increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, expanding the demand for data analytics expertise. Here, we illustrate the usefulness and the power of data analytics by some successful applications. We also examine some common features of big data, and the limitations of data analysis.

Presentation part, where you can learn more about educational programmes

 Interactive part from students of the Faculty:

  • Math quest
  • Informal meeting with students
  • Python master class


Date: November, 10

Time: 12:00 – 16:00

Location: Pokrovsky blvd 11