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Toric topology is the study of topological spaces with well-behaved toric symmetries. The subject was first identified 20 years ago and has developed rapidly, with remarkably varied input from cobordism and homotopy theory, algebraic and combinatorial geometry, commutative algebra, and symplectic geometry and integrable systems. Central objects are quasitoric manifolds and torus manifolds (topological generalizations of toric varieties), moment angle manifolds and moment angle complexes.

Torus manifolds are often algebraic or symplectic but need not be, instead having more flexibility in terms of studying topological and combinatorial properties. In particular, these properties give valuable information about the topology of toric varieties themselves. Moment angle complexes provide powerful links between homotopy theory, theory of space arrangements, the construction of symplectic reduction, Coxeter and Artin groups and hyperbolic geometry.

Recently, there is a strong interest in the generalization of torus manifolds: methods of toric topology proved useful in the study of torus actions of positive complexity, such as the torus actions on Grassmann manifolds and flag manifolds.This variety of mathematical disciplines related to the subject explains the attractiveness of toric topology for young researchers. Many problems in this field are accessible for students, yet their solution has certain interest in theoretical mathematics.

The workshop is followed by the school `Toric topology and combinatorics'.


Abramyan Semyon , HSE,  Faculty of Mathematics

Arzhantsev Ivan, HSE, Faculty of Computer Science

Avdeev Roman   HSE, Faculty of Computer Science

Baralic Djordje , MI SANU

Buchstaber Victor, HSE, Faculty of Computer Science, Steklov Institute of Mathematics

Bunkova Elena, Steklov International Mathematical Center

Chernyshev Vsevolod L, HSE, Faculty of Computer Science

Dasgupta  Nikhilesh, NMIMS

Daurtseva Nataliya, Kemerovo State University

Erochovets Nikolay , Moscow State University

Esterov Alexander, HSE,  Faculty of Mathematics


Eliyashev Yuri, HSE, St. Petersburg School of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science


Fominykh Evgeny, Saint Petersburg State University


Franz Matthias, University of Western Ontario


Gayfullin Sergey, Moscow State University

Grujic Vladimir, University of Belgrade

Gugnin Dmitry  , Moscow State University

Ivanov Sergei , St Petersburg University

Kiritchenko Valentina, HSE, Faculty of Mathematics


Limonchenko Ivan, University of Toronto, HSE

Masuda Mikiya, Osaka City University

Millionshchikov Dmitry , Moscow State University

Monin Leonid,  University of Toronto

Musin Oleg , University of Texas at Austin


Dasgupta Nikhilesh, HSE Laboratory on Algebraic Transformation Groups


Park Seonjeong, Jeonju University

Pavutnitskiy Fedor , HSE, Faculty of Computer Science

Perepechko Alexander , HSE,  Faculty of Mathematics

Pochinka Olga, HSE, Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics, and Computer Science (HSE Nizhny Novgorod)

Popelensky Fedor,  Moscow State University

Smirnov Evgeny, HSE, Faculty of Mathematics

Solomadin Grigory , HSE, Faculty of Computer Science


Song Jongbaek, KIAS


Stanley Donald, University of Regina

Suyoung Choi , Ajou University


Taroyan Grigory, HSE, Faculty of Mathematics

Terzic Svjetlana, University of Montenegro

Theriault Stephen , University of Southampton

Timashev Dmitrii, Moscow State University

Verevkin Yakov , HSE, Faculty of Computer Science


Vesnin Andrey, HSE, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics


Zaikovskii Anatolii, Saint Petersburg State University


Zeinikesheva Indira, Moscow State University

Zhgoon Vladimir, HSE,  Faculty of Mathematics

Zhuravleva Elizaveta , Moscow State University, HSE



Conference schedule (PDF, 98 Кб)



Anton Ayzenberg

HSE University

Taras Panov

Lomonosov Moscow State University, HSE University

Alexander Gaifullin

SkolTech and Steklov Institute of Mathematics



Anastasia Kamyshanova

Manager, akamyshanova@hse.ru