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International Laboratory of Stochastic Algorithms and High-Dimensional Inference (HDI Lab) invites you to join the workshop 'New Frontiers in High-dimensional Probability and Applications to Machine Learning'.

Participants will discuss modern trends in high-dimensional probability together with its fruitful applications. This intense two-day workshop will consist of 2 mini-courses and a number of invited talks by world-class scientists and young participants. 

Key topics are:

  • Concentration of measure

  • Random matrices

  • Stochastic geometry

  • (Computational and statistical) Optimal transport

  • Stochastic processes

  • Limit theorems

  • Machine learning and deep learning

Mini-courses by:

Sergey Bobkov

(University of Minnesota, HSE University)

Vladimir Bogachev

(MSU, HSE University)


The workshop will be held at the Sirius University.

  • Address: Sirius University of Science and Technology, Sochi, Olympiisky prospect 40

Registration is required. Deadline for registration is April 10, 2021.


Tentative list of speakers:

Dmitry Zaporozhets


Alexander Zimin

HSE University

Alexander Kolesnikov

HSE University

Egor Kosov

MSU, HSE University

Mikhail Lifshits

St.Petersburg State University

Alexey Naumov

HSE University

Nikita Puchkin

HSE University

Sergey Samsonov

HSE University

Vladimir Spokoiny

HSE University, Weierstrass Institute, Humboldt University, IITP RAS

Evgeny Stepanov

HSE University, PDMI RAS

Alexander Tikhomirov


Vladimir V. Ulyanov

HSE University, MSU

Shaposhnikov Stanislav


Quentin Paris

HSE University


Organizing committee:


Vlada Kuznetsova

vkuznecova@hse.ru, +74957729590 ext. 27361