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Postgraduate students

1st year

Beresneva Ekaterina Nikolaevna

Approved topic of thesis: Methods and software for formative feedback and adaptive interventions in personalized learning systems.

Academic Supervisor: Neznanov Alexey Andreevich


Gordenko Maria Konstantinovna

Approved topic of thesis: Methods and software tools for ontology-controlled automatic item generation in personalized learning environments.
Academic Supervisor: Neznanov Alexey Andreevich 

Kiselev Dmitry Andreevich 

Approved dissertation topic: Graph-based recommender systems using continuous network representations.
Academic Supervisor: Ignatov Dmitry Igorevich

2nd year              

Gerasimova Olga Alexandrovna

Approved topic of thesis: Ontology-based data access with covering axioms.
                        Academic superviser: Zakharyashchev Mikhail Viktorovich

Goncharova Elizaveta Fedorovna
Approved topic of thesis: Designing informative features based on closed descriptions for solving the classification problem
Academic Superviser: Kuznetsov Sergey Olegovich
Kayali Ismail
Approved topic of thesis: Efficient methods of generating natural-language image description.
Academic Superviser: Kuznetsov Sergey Olegovich

Kuzminykh Andrey Andreevich

Approved topic of thesis: Methods and software for automatic machine learning in problems of classification of complex structured data.

Academic Supervisor: Neznanov Alexey Andreevich 


Muratova Anna Alexandrovna

Approved topic of thesis: Interpretability and
effectiveness of machine learning methods for
                         sequence mining.

                        Academic Supervisor: Ignatov Dmitry Igorevich


Petrosyan Arthur Tigranovich

Approved topic of thesis: Modern methods of machine learning in the interpretation of electrical activity of the brain
                         Academic Supervisor: Osadchy Alexey Evgenievich 

Remnev Nikita Valerevich
Approved topic of thesis: Methods for automatic detection and  correction of errors in Russian-language texts of  foreign-language authors. 
                            Academic Supervisor:
Obyedkov Sergey Alexandrovic


Smirnov Denis Maksimovich

Approved topic of thesis: Neural network models and methods for machine reading and understanding of the text. 
Academic Supervisor: Ilvovsky Dmitry Alekseevich

Tregubova Tatyana Olegovna

Approved topic of thesis: Building vector models of graphs based on sampling neighborhoods of vertices and edges. 
Academic Supervisor: Zhukov Leonid Evgenievich 

3rd year

Kurmukov Anvar Ildarovich

Approved topic of thesis: Application of machine learning methods for the analysis of medical images. 
Academic Supervisor: Zhukov Leonid Evgenievich 


Moshkov Nikita Evgenievich

Approved topic of thesis: A fully automated self-learning system to discover cell-to-cell(-to-cell) communication and to phenotype neurons using multi-patch clamping.
Academic Supervisor: Kertes-Farkash Attila

Smetanin Nikolay Mikhailovich

Approved topic of thesis: Mathematical methods for multidimensional time series processing in application to real-time electrophysiological signals analysis. 

Academic Supervisor: Osadchy Alexey Evgenievich

Shalileh Soroosh Ahmad

Approved topic of thesis: Clustering in networks using graph and feature information. 
Academic Supervisor:  Mirkin Boris Grigoryevich


4th year

Egurnov Dmitry Alekseevich

Approved topic of thesis: Methods of multimodal clustering of relation data. 
Academic Supervisor: Ignatov Dmitry Igorevich