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Moscow, 11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, Room S829

Phone: 7(495) 531-00-00*27269 

Email: mholod@hse.ru

Холод Мария Алексеевна
Project Head Холод Мария Алексеевна


Computing minimal and maximal suffixes of a substring

Maxim Babenko, Gawrychowski P., Kociumaka T. et al.

Theoretical Computer Science. 2016. Vol. 638. P. 112-121.

Book chapter
Wavelet Trees Meet Suffix Trees

Babenko M. A., Gawrychowski P., Kociumaka T. et al.

In bk.: Proceedings of the ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms. San Diego: SIAM, 2015. P. 572-591.

About the Department

Collaboration between HSE and the company "Yandex" began in 2008. In 2011 at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics was created a joint Department with the company "Yandex". In 2014, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and a joint Department became a part of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The Department prepares in-demand IT specialists in the field of data analysis and internet data retrieval. Department instructors combine their academic activities with their work at Yandex, which allows them to work on relevant tasks and put their academic achievements into practice.

Students in the Department not only study automatic indexing and information search (for texts, links, logs, images, signals, social networks, etc.), but also modern methods of working with complex data. We also look at the aggregation of data, its automatic classification, the extraction of informative factors, decision theory and other models and methods commonly referred to as intelligent. Students of the department receive fundamental mathematical knowledge as well, firstly in the field of discrete mathematics, probability theory, and mathematical statistics. In addition, they learn classical and modern methods and techniques of programming.

How to become part of the team:

Any student with a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree that qualifies for the School of Data Analysis can get into the master's programme. Programme requirements include attending required master’s courses and classes in the School of Data Analysis, and also participating in one of the academic seminars. In addition, students have the opportunity to intern at Yandex during or after the programme.

For more on how to get into the School of Data Analysis, visit the webpage.

Main educational and research-related areas of focus in the Department:

  • machine learning and information retrieval;
  • algorithms and big data;
  • computer vision;
  • discrete mathematics and optimization theory;
  • neuro-linguistic programming;
  • mathematical methods in advertising technologies.