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Student Mobility

Of current interest

I am participating in an online research event (conference, workshop, etc.). Will the university reimburse my registration fee?

Yes. Faculty’s Research Committee receives applications for the reimbursement of the registration fee for online research events. The application should be submitted through Personal Account. After the event, the Applicant supplies the Committee with the documents proving the expenses: bank account statement and invoice from the event organizer.

Throughout the year, the Research Committee accepts applications for the funding of the participation in research events (summer and winter schools, conferences, and workshops) for the Faculty students.

Students should submit their applications for participation in a research event abroad no later than forty-five days before the event.

Students should submit their applications for participation in a research event in Russia no later than thirty days before the event.

The Committee reviews the application no later than ten working days after the application has been submitted.

Application process

Collect the following documents

For the presentation at the research event

  1. Presentation text
  2. Organiser’s invitation or another proof of the presentation acceptance
  3. Programme of the event
  4. Recommendation of a supervisor or a Faculty professor (at will)


For the participation in a research event without presentation

  1. Motivational letter
  2. Recommendation of a supervisor or a Faculty professor
  3. Academic transcript (from the programme’s office)

Enter the Personal Account

Students do not have Personal Accounts at the website and have to create it first.

To do that, you should visit the Online Media Unit page, download the request form, fill it, and send to portal@hse.ru.

Submit the application in the Personal Account (Applications and Reports folder)

Funding limits

Russia 40 000  ₽
CIS Coutries 45 000 ₽
Europe 80 000  ₽
Asia (except for Turkey and Israel) 100 000  ₽
Turkey and Israel 60 000  ₽
US and Canada 100 000  ₽
Australia 80 000  ₽
Africa 100 000 ₽

A more detailed account of the application review and support, as well as report forms and submission periods, are presented in the Procedures.

Within three days after the event, the Applicant who has received financial support has to supply the Executive Secretary of the Committee with copies of the document proving the expenditures (plane boarding pass, plane and railroad tickets stating the dates and costs of the trip, hotel or dormitory receipts, etc.)

The expenses are reimbursed only if the documents are provided.

For the expenditure reimbursement, students should present the expenditure documents to the Accounting Office of the HSE University (414k, 3A Krivokolenny Pereulok. You can also put the documents in a tray to the right of the door).

Document list:

  • Application

  • The plane boarding pass or railroad tickets bearing the date of the trip and a screening stamp

  • Proof of the residence payment (hotel receipt, original bank account statement)

  • Proof of the registration fee payment (organiser’s receipt, original bank account statement)

  • Number of Directive on the reimbursement (sent by a manager)


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