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Vacancies at HDI Lab

Postdocotoral position at HDI Lab: 

International laboratory of stochastic algorithms and high-dimensional inference (HDI Lab) invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in the field of high-dimensional probability and statistics as well as their fruitful applications. It is expected that the appointed candidates will take an active part in the project aimed at development and analysis of new efficient computational statistical algorithms for high-dimensional and challenging statistical problems like uncertainty quantification for MCMC algorithms, Bayesian inference, estimation of barycenters, manifold learning etc. Particularly promising will be the research at the junction of the main topics of this project. 


The job involves:

 participants are encouraged to pursue their own research in parallel with working on HDI Lab research projects in the following areas:

o  Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods with applications to machine learning and statistics

o  (Statistical) optimal transport

o  Manifold learning

 writing research papers for international peer-reviewed journals in co-authorship with the members of the HDI Lab;

 participation in organization of the events and other contribution to the Lab’s development;

 public presentations of candidate’s own research to the researchers in the field and the broader academic community;

 some teaching is encouraged, though not required.


 candidate of science or PhD (pure or applied mathematics);

 a strong background in probability theory, mathematical statistics, optimisation;

 ability to work in a team;

 fluent English;

 relevant experience is an asset although not required;

Appointment will be made for up to 4 year.

If you are willing to apply, please send your CV  to anaumov@hse.ru or svsamsonov@hse.ru.

About HSE

HSE is a young, dynamic, fast-growing Russian research university providing unique research opportunities.

For more information about HSE, please visit: International laboratory of stochastic algorithm and high-dimensional inference (HDI Lab) or contact Prof. Alexey Naumov directly.


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