The software industry is a fast-growing area of the global economy today, and software forms an essential part of the information systems where their intelligence is concentrated. 

Demand for leading technical experts, qualified software developers and architects, as well as quality assurance managers from the IT and communication industry increases due to opening IT technology parks, rapid growth in offshore and outsourced programming, digitalization of public services, and the needs of private businesses.

This School aims at spreading and sharing knowledge of state-of-the-art software engineering tools and techniques. Among the speakers of the School are leading programmers and engineers from academia and industry. Participation is free, you just need to register. The event is open to everyone: undergraduate and postgraduate students, young specialists, researchers, etc. 


Major topics

  • Software process mining

  • Modelling and tools

  • Software architectures

  • Software development methodology

  • Coding and code management

  • Teams management

  • Testing

  • DevOps, CI/CD

  • Empirical software engineering

  • Software engineering for researchers


Bertrand Meyer

Pofessor of Software Engineering, Schaffhausen Institute of Technology and Innopolis University

Holger Brandl

Data Scientist, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Alexander Nozik

Head of the software group, Nuclear Physics Methods Laboratory, JetBrains Research

Sergey Shershakov

Associate Professor, Big Data and Information Retrieval School


Yvonne Dittrich

Professor, Software Engineering Group, IT University of Copenhagen

Helge Pfeiffer

Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Manuel Mazzara

Professor, Director of Software Development and Engineering Institute, Innopolis University

Jean-Michel Bruel

Professor of Software Engineering, University of Toulouse, IRIT Laboratory


Alexei Lisitsa

Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Liverpool

David Monniaux

Senior researcher, Université Grenoble Alpes

Anton Arkhipov

Kotlin Developer Advocate, JetBrains


Programme and Organizing Committee

Sergey Shershakov

Associate Professor, Big Data and Information Retrieval School

Sergey Karapetyan

Head of the External Communications Office


Our Partners

System and Software Engineering Master's Programme

System and Software Engineering master's programme aims at training industrial software development experts: administrators, project managers and development team leaders. It is designed for students and early-career professionals who are interested in continuing their education in data analysis, development management, advanced databases, applied systems analysis, software business and risk management.

Courses in the curriculum, all of which are taught in English, focus on software engineering methodology, psychology of software development team management, enterprise software systems development, digital interactive products development, and formal methods in software engineering, among other subjects.

Based at HSE University’s campus in Moscow, this programme is fully in line with international guidelines on teaching integrated software and systems engineering.


If you have any questions, please contact Sergey Karapetyan or Anton Basov