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Laboratory of Theoretical Computer Science

Kolmogorov complexity and algorithmic randomness

Shen A., Uspensky V. A., Vereshchagin N.

American Mathematical Society, 2017.

Tropical Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and Fewnomials Testing

Podolskii V. V., Grigoriev D.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2017. Vol. 10472. P. 284-297.

Book chapter
More on the Data Complexity of Answering Ontology-Mediated Queries with a Covering Axiom

Gerasimova O., Kikot S., Podolskii V. V. et al.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 8th international Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web. Berlin: Springer, 2017. P. 143-158.

Working paper
Stochasticity in Algorithmic Statistics for Polynomial Time

Vereshchagin N., Milovanov A.

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity. Technical report . Weizmann Institute of Science, 2017. No. TR17-043.

The Laboratory  of Theoretical Computer Science  was founded in December 2015. Structurally, it is a part of Big Data and Information Retrieval School at the Faculty of Computer Science.

The main research directions of the laboratory are computational complexity, algorithmic information theory, algorithmic statistics, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic aspects of game theory.

The staff member of the laboratory participated in the workshop “Aperiodicity and Hierarchical Structures in Tilings”

Guilhem Gamard, research fellow of the international laboratory of theoretical computer science, took part in the workshop in Lyon, France.

Computer Science Faculty Hosts Conference on Theoretical Computer Science

On June 14 the workshop ‘Complexity of Computation, Communication, Descriptions, and Proofs’, organized by the Laboratory of Theoretical Computer Science, was held at HSE Faculty of Computer Sciences. The conference was organized as part of the major international conference ‘Computer Science in Russia’.

Silver medal in International Mathematical Competition for students

On July 25-31 in Bulgaria was held an International Mathematical Competition for University Students (IMС 2016).

Conference "Mathematical logic, algebra and computation"

On July 18-19 a conference “Mathematical logic, algebra and computation" was held in Moscow. It was organized by the Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Science. The conference was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of academician S. I. Adian.

International Computer Science Symposium in Russia 2016

On June 9-13 Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR) 2016 was held in St. Petersburg.