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Centre's events

October 26 — October 28, 2023: Сonference and Autumn School Fall into ML 2023.

November 1 — November 3, 2022: Сonference and Autumn School Fall into ML 2022.

November 23 — November 26, 2022: 3d Joint Autumn School on Generative Models (together with LAMBDA, HDI Lab, in Russian).
Materials are available here.

January 20 — January 21, 2020: Workshop "Physics inspired Machine Learning" (together with the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis (LAMBDA), in Russian).

Materials are available at workshop page.

August 20  August 25, 2019: the third Summer School on Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods  DeepBayes2019 (in English)

School's website (Eng.) Report about the school (Eng.)


July 24, 2019: invited talks by Alexander Shekhovtsov representing Czech Technical University in Prague and Belhal Karimi representing Ecole Polytechnique & INRIA (in English)

Report about the event (Eng.)


August 27 — September 1, 2018: the second Summer School on Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods DeepBayes2018 (in English)

School's website (Eng.) Materials: videos, presentations, practical sessions (Eng.) Report about the school (Eng.)


May 24, 2018: Mini-Workshop of the Centre of Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods (in Russian)

January 20 and January 27, 2018: Colloquium on articles of the ICLR'18 (Rus.).

Materials: presentations (Eng. and Rus.).


September 12  September 13, 2017: mini-Workshop "Stochastic Processes and Probabilistic Models in Machine Learning" with participation of Wray Buntine, Maurizio Filippone, Ilya Tolstikhin and Novi Quadrianto (in English)

Materials and video are available at a mini-workshop pageReport about mini-workshop.


August 26  August 30, 2017: Summer School on Bayesian Methods in Deep Learning DeepBayes2017 (in Russian)

School's website (Rus.) Materials: video (Rus.), presentations (Eng.), materials from seminars (Rus.). Report about the school (Eng.).


May 31  June 7, 2017: Mini-course "Gaussian Processes" by Novi Quadrianto, Centre's scientific advisor (in English)

Slides and video are available at mini-course page.


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