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A rewriting framework and logic for activities subject to regulations

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Mathematical Structures in Computer Science. 2017. Vol. 27. No. 3. P. 332-375.

Bias-Corrected Estimation in Continuous Sampling Plans
В печати

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Dualization in lattices given by ordered sets of irreducibles

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MAGoLEGO "Social Network Analysis"

by Prof. L.E. Zhukov, Dr. I. Makarov, Dr. L. Beaгdou, Dr. O. Gerasimova
Course web-page: http://www.leonidzhukov.net/hse/2019/sna      

Tutors: Ilya Makarov, Laurent Beaudou, Olga Gerasimova. 
Teaching assistant: Tatyana Tregubova.
Please, send your questions and home assignments to 
hse.ntwks@gmail.com with prefix [MAGOLEGO SNA 2019] {First name Last Name} [HW #1/2/3/4] in message topic.

12 April 2019: Basic concepts and pre-requisites for the course

 IGraph Tutorial + Installation (PDF, 536 Кб)

 Linear Algebra and Probability Short Tutorial (ZIP, 706 Кб)

 IGraph (ZIP, 232 Кб)

 IGraph (PDF, 269 Кб)

19 April 2019: Graph file-formats. Power law. Network descriptive statistics

 Power Law References (ZIP, 1.55 Мб)

 Graph Formats and Network Descriptive Statistics (ZIP, 2.37 Мб)

 Graph Formats and Network Desciptive Statistics (PDF, 548 Кб) 

26 April 2019: Mathematical models of networks

 Mathematical Models of Networks (ZIP, 3.14 Мб)

 Mathematical Models of Networks (PDF, 620 Кб)

17 May 2019: Centrality metrics  
 Centrality Metrics (ZIP, 959 Кб) 

 Centrality Metrics (PDF, 763 Кб)                 

24 May 2019: Dense subgraphs and communities

 Community Detection (ZIP, 6.10 Мб) 

 Community Detection (PDF, 379 Кб)

31 May 2019: Graph Patterns, Assortativity Mixing

 Graph Patterns, Visualization and Assortativity Mixing. Graph Analysis (ZIP, 125 Кб) 

 Graph Patterns, Visualization and Assortativity Mixing. Graph Analysis (PDF, 476 Кб)

07 June 2019: Epidemic Models

 Epidemic models on networks (ZIP, 92 Кб) 

 Epidemic models on networks (PDF, 483 Кб)

14 June 2019: Information Propagation Models

 Information propagation (ZIP, 4 Кб) 

 Information propagation (PDF, 271 Кб)

14 June 2019: Spatial Segregation. Discussion

21 June 2019 (preliminary date): Exam
Final grade=round(

HomeWorks should be done in R MarkDown. Plagiarism means 0 grade for any person, either source or cheater.
All deadline are posted in square brackets here on this page
(files contain old dates, you may delete them)

1. Power law. Descriptive network analysis -- [
due date - 10.05.2019 23:59]                      

SNA Home Assignment 1.zip
SNA Home Assignment 1.pdf
                SNA Home Assignment 1 Hints.zip
                SNA Home Assignment 1 Hints.pdf

2. Graph models. Centrality metrics -- [due date - 25.05.2018 23:59]  
                    VK NodeXL Plugin (PDF, 741 Кб) not working now for free

                            vk.com/app3861133 this works.

SNA Home Assignment 2.zip
SNA Home Assignment 2.pdf

3. Network preprocessing. Community detection -- [due date - 03.06.2018 23:59]                     

SNA Home Assignment 3.zip
SNA Home Assignment 3.pdf

4. Network Epidemics -- [due date - 11.06.2018 23:59]

SNA Home Assignment 4.zip
SNA Home Assignment 4.pdf

Mining Social Media https://github.com/MakarovIA/Mining-the-Social-Web-2nd-Edition
VK R Tutorial


Package https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/Rfacebook/Rfacebook.pdf
Tutorial http://thinktostart.com/analyzing-facebook-with-r/
Examples http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2013/11/how-to-analyze-you-facebook-friends-network-with-r.html


Tutorial http://geoffjentry.hexdump.org/twitteR.pdf
Presentation http://www.rdatamining.com/docs/twitter-analysis-with-r

Usefull Links\Docs

 R/RStudio Setup Guide (PDF, 1.33 Мб)

          R Setup
          RStudio Setup

 R Tutorial (PDF, 885 Кб)

 R Cheat-Sheet (PDF, 72 Кб)

 R Markdown Tutorial (PDF, 650 Кб)

 R Short Introduction (PDF, 367 Кб)

 Coursera course for R
 Learning R with SWIRL 

 Portal for R References