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The Internships and Projects Centre of the Faculty of Computer Science is a descendant of the Faculty’s Tutoring Centre, which operated from November 2014 to December 2018. The main tasks of the Tutoring Centre were the methodological and organisational support of project seminars, coursework, and bachelor level theses. The Centre held workshops with IT company employees, informed students of internship opportunities, and participated in the organisation of CoCoS student conferences.

Our main goal

To increase interactions between the Faculty of Computer Science and employers concerning internships and projects, and to develop other forms of cooperation, to organise and systematically facilitate internship and project work at the Faculty of Computer Science, and to support cooperation between Faculty members and employers.

Our activities

The Centre

·     holds internship meetings with representatives of IT companies

·     formalises cooperation between university and employer

·     registers employers and Faculty partners and ensures data privacy

·     monitors companies, and officially registers internships for Faculty educational programmes

·     holds project contests and public defences

·     collects and presents information concerning internships and projects

·     participates in organising Faculty events, student meetings about internships and project work, Open Days of the Faculty, etc.


Forms of cooperation with companies

Summer internship

Every year, students participate in a summer internship for two weeks. This allows them to experience work at a company, or, alternatively, the Faculty's laboratory if they want to carry out research. At the end of April, an organisational meeting is held with curators and representatives of industry and the laboratories’.

A student can choose one of the following internship options

·     IT company: one of the Faculty’s partner companies

·     Laboratory: Centre of Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods, Laboratory of Data Analysis in Financial Technologies, Samsung-HSE Laboratory, Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS Lab), International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis (ISSA Lab), Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis (LAMBDA), Laboratory of Theoretical Computer Science, International Laboratory of Stochastic Algorithms and High-Dimensional Inference (HDI Lab), Laboratory of Complex Systems Modelling and Control, Laboratory of Bioinformatics

·     As a tutor or a summer school assistant (depending on educational profile), or as a student conference assistant

·     As a teaching assistant on the internship programme for first-year students of the Software Engineering bachelor course

Project work of the Faculty’s bachelor programmes

·     Applied Mathematics and Computer Science – third-year coursework and second-year programme project

·     Software Engineering – first to third-year interdisciplinary projects, the second-year project as part of Group Dynamics and Communication in Software Engineering Professional Practice course, and fourth-year team project


Companies are also interested in presenting their projects based on real-life tasks, which students can choose as project work. If demand is high, the company may carry out additional selection procedures. Students and companies can see sample projects here.


More about the activities of the Internships and Projects Centre

About the Centre


Contact us at cppr.cs@hse.ru


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