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Centre for Internships, Projects and Entrepreneurship


Centre for Internships, Projects and Entrepreneurship is engaged in the collection and presentation of IT-companies' projects (e.g Yandex, 1C, JetBrains, Kaspersky, Samsung, etc.), the conclusion of Internships and Cooperation Agreements, the methodical work with Faculty of Computer Science Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the sphere of student project work and practice, as well as supporting and developing projects of students-entrepreneurs of the Faculty.

The Centre collects and presents IT companies’ projects, holds internship meetings, formalises cooperation between university and employers, and assists with the methodological aspects of internships and projects of the Faculty’s degree programmes.

Our main goal is to foster productive and friendly cooperation with employers.

What is our task?

To build interactions between the Faculty of Computer Science and employers through internships and project work, and to develop other forms of cooperation.

How do we bring together companies and students?

We organise and facilitate internships and project work at the Faculty of Computer Science. We also engage faculty members in cooperation with employers.

The Internships and Projects Centre was established in December 2018 as part of the Faculty of Computer Science of HSE University.


Pizza Pitch x Faculty of Computer Science or how to have a delicious Thursday evening

Pita with chicken is a taco, pitching is a presentation of a project in order to find investors, and Pizza Pitch is pitching with pizza. An article about how the Pizza Pitch of the HSE Business Incubator went together with the Entrepreneurs Club FCS

"The analytics in business: from railways to a music label": Maxim Karyagin's master class

What is common between analytics in the oil industry and analytics in the music business. Where has no data scientist has gone before and in which businesses are they not talking about "digital transformations" and "digitalization" yet? We talked about this and other relevant topics of data analysis at a master class by Maxim Karyagin, director of the Department of Research and Analysis at Warner Music Group

"Metrics for hypothesis development and testing: what you need to know at the beginning of work": master class by Timofey Bakurov

Bakurov, bandits, benefits, and what other words do you know for the letter "B"? What does the words with the letter "B" have to do with it and what else can you ask the client about in our news right now

"Game development – what you need to know in order for the project to be protected": master class by Kirill Obedin

On October 21, a master class on the protection of intellectual property in the development of games was held from the managing partner of the patent law bureau "Obedin and Partners"

"Product strategy: instructions for use": master class by Timofey Bakurov

We eat some product, we use some product, and the product manager develops it. We talked about the next stage of the product this Sunday.

"How to jump into two cars at once?" Is it possible to combine a startup and a full-time job in a company?": master class by Andrey Koksharov

Today, more and more young professionals are thinking about creating their own startup, and at the same time they want to gain work experience in companies. What to do? How to jump into two cars, so much so as to save yourself? This is what we talked about at the master class with Andrey Koksharov, the head of the direction and methodologist of the Sber youth accelerators.

“How to protect the idea of a startup if the ideas are not protected”: master class by Kirill Obedin

On October 7, a master class on intellectual property protection was held from the managing partner of the patent law bureau "Obedin and Partners"

“How to manage a product: digital thinking and a product approach”: master class by Timofey Bakurov

HSE launches bot for employee networking

It will help people from different buildings and departments to communicate

A new season of master classes from the Entrepreneurs Club FCS has started. The first master class was held by a young entrepreneur Bogdan Chechin

On September 21, a new season of master classes from the Club of Entrepreneurs of the Center for Practice, Project Work and Entrepreneurship of the FCN started. The first speaker was Bogdan Chechin, talked about how to test hypotheses and launch a startup by the end of 2022.

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