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Regular version of the site

Information for supervisors

Applying for a project

  • Step 1

    Fill out the form

  • Step 2

    Speak to the students of the FCS, tell about the proposed projects (if you wish) - we will notify you about the dates of meetings with students / prepare and send a presentation / a short video for students to the Center's email

  • Step 3

    Select students who have applied for the project

  • Step 4

    Send information (full name, educational program (EP), course) about the recruited students and the status of the project (recruitment is closed/ongoing) to the Center's email

Responsibilities of the supervisor

The process of project work

Checkpoint 1 (February 15, 2023)

What documentation do students submit?

Software Engineering

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science; Computer science and data analysis

Data Science and Business Analytics

Interim report

The Interim Report should reflect:

- review of sources by subject area;

- specific work plan;

- the first results of the project.

Approximate plan of the Interim Report

Research project Software project

- title page;

- content;

- basic terms, definitions and abbreviations;

- introduction: relevance, object and subject of research, the objective and tasks of the study;

- review and comparative analysis of sources, works on the research topic;

- a calendar plan for the implementation of the project, indicating the stages and deadlines for their implementation;

- list of sources

- title page;

- content;

- basic terms and definitions;

- introduction: a brief description of the subject area, the relevance of the problem, the objective and tasks of the project;

- review and comparative analysis of sources and analogues;

- description of functional and non-functional requirements for the software project;

- a calendar plan for the implementation of the project, indicating the stages and deadlines for their implementation;

- list of sources


Student under NDA

NDA receipt template

If a student is under NDA, the supervisor is recommended to attend the defense of his student's project at the end of the year.


Until February 15, 2023 23:59 - students must upload documents to the block "Stage 2. Checkpoint 1" in SmartLMS

- After February 15, we will send each supervisor a table with links to students' documents, in which grades for CP 1 will need to be entered within two weeks.


- If a student has not uploaded the documents on time, he automatically receives 0 points for CP 1. 

- If a student performs a project under your guidance, but it is not in the table, then he has not submitted an application for choosing a project topic, and he needs to contact us by email (cppr.cs@hse.ru ).

Evaluation system

A supervisor gives an assessment for CP1 according to a 10-point system


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