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International Laboratory of Bioinformatics


The laboratory was established in 2018 to advance the field of bioinformatics at the Faculty of Computer Science. The International Laboratory of Bioinformatics is actively engaged in the development and application of the most modern methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the analysis of omics molecular biology data.

The main areas of scientific activity of the laboratory are:

1. Fundamental studies of the role of secondary DNA structures and their relation to the epigenetic code. The practical application of research is aimed at developing drugs that control the work of flipons – secondary DNA structures that regulate the work of the genome. In particular, a potential cancer drug has been proposed that regulates the work of the genome by incorporating one of the flipons – Z-DNA.

2. Development of pipeline analysis of genomic sequencing data, genetic panels. Complete analysis from variant to phenotype. Since 2019, the laboratory has been interacting with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in this area of ​​activity.

3. Machine learning in bioinformatics. Work in this direction has been carried out since 2018. The laboratory cooperates with major industrial partners.

4. Genetic research in the field of cardiogenetics, focused on creating a catalog of mutations of patients with cardiovascular diseases. In 2020, the Consortium "Genetics of сardiovascular diseases" was created.

5. Development of AI systems in bioinformatics. Development of AI systems for predicting the diagnosis and course of diseases. Since 2020, the first systems for predicting the side effects of anticoagulants, antidepressants and antipsychotics have been made within the framework of this area of scientific activity of the laboratory. This direction finds application in pharmaceutical companies.

The results of the research work of the laboratory are published in Russian and international journals. Various scientific and educational events on the research topics are regularly held, such as scientific seminars on machine learning methods in bioinformatics, summer and winter schools on bioinformatics, round tables, conferences and the annual interdisciplinary forum of the "Genetics of сardiovascular diseases" Consortium. The International Laboratory of Bioinformatics is actively collaborating with leading world-class laboratories.


As part of the strategic session “Development and development of cardiac diagnostic products: from sequencing to medical practice,” Maria Poptsova made a report “Modern trends and challenges in the domestic cardiogenetics market - comparison with global experience.”
October 09
On September 28-29, the International Laboratory of Bioinformatics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics together with the Scientific and Educational Center of the Medical Institute of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra "Surgut State University" for the purpose of implementing the project "Mirror Laboratories" held a sectional session "Cardiovascular continuum: from ACS to HNS"
October 02
One of the winning projects of a competition held by HSE University’s Mirror Laboratories last June focuses on the use of machine learning technologies to predict the outcomes of acute coronary syndrome. It is implemented by HSE University’s International Laboratory of Bioinformatics together with the Research and Educational Centre of the Medical Institute at Surgut State University. Maria Poptsova, Head of the International Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Associate Professor at HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science, talks about how this joint project originated, how it will help patients, and how work to implement it will be organised.
September 25
On September 4-5, the annual Interdisciplinary Forum “Cardiogenetics and Bioinformatics: Realities 2023” was held at the Higher School of Economics.
September 15
The Continuing Professional Development Centre of the HSE Faculty of Computer Science has recently hosted the summer school 'Cardiogenetics: From Sequencing to Constructing a Cardio Panel'. The school programme was co-organised by the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Analytical Instrumentation and Institute of Spectroscopy and the Syntol company.
September 15
Annual All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference and 63rd session of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “NMITSK im. ak. E.I. Chazov" of the Ministry of Health of Russia which was held at the Chazov Center on June 6-8, 2023
June 13
On May 26-28, 2023, an off-site seminar of the academic personnel reserve "Effective organization of research activities and management of a scientific team" was held.
June 05
Life Science Alliance published an article "Open Access Z-flipon variants reveal the many roles of Z-DNA and Z-RNA in health and disease" 
May 11
On April 27, the International Laboratory of Bioinformatics took part in the Symposium on RNA Biology 2023 at the National Cancer Institute in the USA
May 04
Article published in the International Journal of Molecular Science
April 27
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