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109028, Moscow,
11, Pokrovsky boulevard

Phone: +7 (495) 531-00-00 *27254

Email: computerscience@hse.ru


First Deputy Dean Tamara Voznesenskaya
Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Sergei Obiedkov
Deputy Dean for Methodical and Educational Work Ilya Samonenko
Deputy Dean for Development, Finance and Administration Irina Plisetskaya
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IDAO Finals: Lectures and Opportunities

Event ended


We invite everybody to take part in lectures and workshops of the IDAO Olympiad Online Finals


April 19


  • Neural Networks for Computer Vision, lecture by Sergey Ovcharenko, team lead at Yandex


  • IDAO 2021 Online Round Task Parsing, Abdalaziz Al-Maeeni, author of the task, LAMBDA Lab


  • Loan rate sensitivity model, lecture by Yuri Tavyrikov, Otkritie Bank
  • Monitoring machine learning models in production, lecture by Olga Filippova, Otkritie Bank
  • IDAO 2021 Final Task Parsing, Roman Monakhov, Otkritie Bank


April 20


  • How machine learning helps to study the Universe, lecture by Fedor Ratnikov


  • Otkritie Bank, Operations and Beyond, talk by Nadezhda Volodina and Sergey Rusanov, IT Director and member of the board of Otkritie Bank


  • How to Get the Most from the Internship, talk by Alina Murashova, head of intern selection team


April 21


  • Awards ceremony