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125319, Moscow,
3 Kochnovsky Proezd (near metro station 'Aeroport'). 

Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 *12332

Email: computerscience@hse.ru



Dean Ivan Arzhantsev

First Deputy Dean Tamara Voznesenskaya

Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Sergei Obiedkov

Deputy Dean for Methodical and Educational Work Ilya Samonenko

Deputy Dean for Development, Finance and Administration Irina Plisetskaya

Aug 26 – Aug 30
Registration and Poster Submission deadline — May 1, 2019 
Infinite transitivity, finite generation, and Demazure roots

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Bias in False Discovery Rate Estimation in Mass-Spectrometry-Based Peptide Identification

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Compression of recurrent neural networks for efficient language modeling

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Book chapter
Numerical Pattern Mining Through Compression

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In bk.: 2019 Data Compression Conference Proceedings. IEEE, 2019.

How Students of the Faculty Spend Their Summer

In July 2015, students of the Faculty of Computer Science finished their exams, but not their studies. This summer they will be having internships in leading IT companies, conducting research at HSE research departments and taking part in summer schools. Students of the faculty will also work as lecturers and assistants at some of the events.

Lev Proleev, first-year student of the Bacelor’s Programme in Applied Mathematics and Information Science is taking part in the programme Google STEP Internship. He will do a three-month internship working on a project on data compression in Zurich. Mikhail Dubov, first-year student of the Master’s Programme in Data Science has a placement as a ‘Software Engineering Intern’ in London, and Sofia Sandomirskaya, third-year student of the Bachelor’s Programme in Software Engineering is working in the Google office in Warsaw.

Pavel Belov, Ilona Papava and Roman Alexandrov are doing their Facebook internships in the Silicon Valley. Pavel and Roman will work in the ‘Ads’ department and Ilona will work in the ‘Internet.org’ department for three months.

Other students of the Faculty will also take courses and do work experience in Yandex, Kaspersky, ABBYY, Prognoz, Moscow Exchange, Empatika, Rostelecom and others.

Evgeny Yurtaev, first-year student of the Bachelor’s programme in Applied Mathematics and Informatics has gone to the summer school ‘Make School’ in San Francisco. For a week and a half he will study iOS programming and then develop his own mobile application.

Viktoria Oleinik, Research Assistant of the International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis is visiting the 26th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory. Viktoria is studying modern approaches to modeling economic processes in the form of dynamic games. Ivan Rodin has gone to a summer school on bioinformatics in Angers, France, while Sergey Demin has delivered a report at the 2nd International Conference on Dynamics of Disasters.

Several first-year students of the Bachelor’s Programme in Applied Mathematics and Informatics will work on their projects during summer. First-year students of the Programme in Software Engineering will also learn about the basics of computer vision, Python programming language and applied automata theory during their summer practical work.