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IDAO 2022 Qualification Stage Ends

IDAO 2022 Qualification Stage Ends

The qualifying stage of the fifth International Data Analysis Olympiad IDAO 2022 is over.

In 2022, the format of the Olympiad was changed: now only students can qualify for the finals. In spite of the changes, non-student participants were still able to try their luck in the Open Division.

A total of 844 students from 46 countries competed in the qualifying round, making 332 teams. In addition, 203 participants (91 teams) from 30 countries competed in the Open Division.

The qualifying stage task was officially introduced on 3 February. It was devoted to prediction of properties of two-dimensional crystals of different configurations. 

There were 81 participants (30 teams) from 15 countries reaching the finals of the Olympiad. The challenge for the finals was to build the most accurate model for assessing the propensity of customers to buy additional bank products and services.

Track 1 finalists

1 Sigma Chad Machines Russia
2 State of performance artists Russia
3 Predpolagayte dobrye namarenya Russia
4 test182 Russia
5 MT19937 Kazakhstan, Russia
6 stary dobry deep Russia
7 BUDIMA Russia
8 ASM Russia
9 SGD Russia
10 chill Russia
11 cobra kai coders USA
12 fascinated priority Germany, Russia
13 DeepVikingGodÞrúðr Spain
14 YKSUG Belarus
15 TMIT Russia


Track 2 finalists

1 Baseline Japan, Russia
2 India before 1947 India, Pakistan
3 Nescafé Gold 3in1 Russia
5 ASU Clowns Египет
6 Hope Vietnam, Pakistan
7 LocalFoss Russia
8 Variance killers France
9 Overcomplicated Turkey
10 outsiders Iran, UK
11 MagicCity.704B Russia
12 Statistically significant fun Russia
13 kosmologii nulevye Germany, Russia
14 CodeEmPotatoChips India
15 Mylène Farmer Russia