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Theoretical guarantees for neural control variates in MCMC
Belomestny D., Goldman A., Naumov A., Samsonov S.  
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation  

Exact p-value calculation for XCorr scoring of high-resolution MS/MS data
Bhimani K., Peresadina A., Vozniu D., Kertész‐Farkas A.
Proteomics 24:2300145 

Data complexity: An FCA-based approach
Buzmakov A., Dudyrev E., Kuznetsov S. et al.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 165:109084 

Refining the ONCE Benchmark With Hyperparameter Tuning
Golyadkin M. et al.  
IEEE Access 12, 3805  3814 

Data and models for stance and premise detection in COVID-19 tweets: Insights from the Social Media Mining for Health (SMM4H) 2022 shared task
Davydova V., Yang H., Tutubalina E.  
Journal of Biomedical Informatics 149:104555 

Upper bound on saturation time of metric graphs by intervals moving on them
Eliseev A., Chernyshev V.   
Mathematical Analysis and Applications 531:127873 

GEEF: A neural network model for automatic essay feedback generation by integrating writing skills assessment
Makarov I. et al.
Expert Systems with Applications 245:123043 

Categorization of tweets for damages: infrastructure and human damage assessment using fine-tuned BERT model
Malik M., Younas M., Jamjoom M., Ignatov D.      
PeerJ Computer Science 10:e1859 

SDA: a data-driven algorithm that detects functional states applied to the EEG of Guhyasamaja meditation
Mikhaylets E., Razorenova A., Chernyshev V. et al.
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 17:1301718 

Inertia-Based Indices to Determine the Number of Clusters in K-Means: An Experimental Evaluation
Mirkin B. et al.      
IEEE Access 12, 11761  11773  

Reconstruction of manifold embeddings into Euclidean spaces via intrinsic distances
Puchkin N. et al.
ESAIM - Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations 30:3 

Rates of convergence for density estimation with generative adversarial networks
Puchkin N., Samsonov S., Belomestny D., Moulines E., Naumov A. 
Journal of Machine Learning Research 25,  47 

Decentralized saddle point problems via non-Euclidean mirror prox
Rogozin A., Beznosikov A., Dvinskikh D., Gasnikov A. et al.
Optimization Methods and Software  

mGPT: Few-Shot Learners Go Multilingual
Shliazhko O., Tikhonova M. et al.
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 12, 58  79  

Verification of data-aware process models: Checking soundness of data Petri nets
Suvorov N., Lomazova I. 
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming 2024:100953  

To admit mistakes is not a weakness: it is the first step on the road of progress
Vlassov V.
European Journal of Public Health 34,  4   



StyleDomain: Efficient and Lightweight Parameterizations of StyleGAN for One-shot and Few-shot Domain Adaptation
Alanov A., Vetrov D. et al.   
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2023), 2184 – 2194

You Told Me That Joke Twice: A Systematic Investigation of Transferability and Robustness of Humor Detection Models
Baranov A., Kniazhevskii V., Braslavski P.   
Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2023), 13701 – 13715

Evaluating Robustness and Uncertainty of Graph Models Under Structural Distributional Shifts
Bazhenov G., Babenko A. et al.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)

First Order Methods with Markovian Noise: from Acceleration to Variational Inequalities
Beznosikov A., Samsonov S., Sheshukova M., Gasnikov A., Naumov A., Moulines E.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)

The Impact of Cross-Lingual Adjustment of Contextual Word Representations on Zero-Shot Transfer
Efimov P., Boytsov L., Arslanova E., Braslavski P.   
European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2023), 51    67 

Vote’n’Rank: Revision of Benchmarking with Social Choice Theory
Florinsky M., Tutubalina E. et al.   
Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2023), 670 – 686 

MARS: Masked Automatic Ranks Selection in Tensor Decompositions
Kodryan M., Kropotov D., Vetrov D.   
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023), 17564 – 17579 

TabDDPM: Modelling Tabular Data with Diffusion Models
Kotelnikov A., Baranchuk D., Rubachev I., Babenko A.   
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2023), 3718 – 3732 

Differentiable Rendering with Reparameterized Volume Sampling
Morozov N., Rakitin D., Desheulin O., Vetrov D., Struminsky K.   
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2023)   

Time-Dependent Next-Basket Recommendations
Naumov S., Ignatov D. et al.   
European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2023), 502  511

Star-Shaped Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models
Okhotin A., Alanov A., Vetrov D. et al.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023), 10038  10067

Searching for Better Database Queries in the Outputs of Semantic Parsers
Osokin A., Saparina I., Yarullin R.   
European Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2023), 2243  2256

A critical look at the evaluation of GNNs under heterophily: are we really making progress?
Platonov O., Kuznedelev D., Babenko A.  
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2023)

A Contrastive Approach to Online Change Point Detection
Puchkin N., Shcherbakova V.  
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2023), 5686 – 5713 

Exploring Local Norms in Exp-concave Statistical Learning
Puchkin N., Zhivotovskiy N.  
Conference on Learning Theory (COLT 2023), 1993 – 2013 

Consumer Health Question Answering Using Off-the-Shelf Components
Pugachev A., Braslavski P. et al.  
European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2023), 571   579  

To Stay or Not to Stay in the Pre-train Basin: Insights on Ensembling in Transfer Learning
Sadrtdinov I., Pozdeev D., Vetrov D., Lobacheva E.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)

Orthogonal Directions Constrained Gradient Method: from non-linear equality constraints to Stiefel manifold
Tiapkin D. et al.   
Conference on Learning Theory (COLT 2023)1228 – 1258

Fast Rates for Maximum Entropy Exploration
Tiapkin D., Belomestny D., Naumov A. et al.   
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023)34161 –  34221

Model-free Posterior Sampling via Learning Rate Randomization
Tiapkin D., Naumov A. et al.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)73719 –  73774

Is This Loss Informative? Faster Text-to-Image Customization by Tracking Objective Dynamics
Voronov A., Khoroshikh M., Babenko A., Ryabinin M.   
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)

Associated production of prompt J/ψ and Υ mesons in pp collisions at s \sqrt{s} s = 13 TeV
Aaij R. Bocharnikov V., Boldyrev A., Derkach D., Hushchyn M., Karpov M., Ratnikov F., Ryzhikov A. et al. (The LHCb collaboration)
Journal of High Energy Physics 2023:93 
*and 13 other publications prepared within the framework of CERN collaborations

Hochschild cohomology of the Weyl conformal algebra with coefficients in finite modules
Alhussein H., Kolesnikov P. 
Journal of Mathematical Physics 64:041701 

Defective products identification framework using online reviews
Abbas Y., Malik M. S. I. 
Electronic Commerce Research 23, 899 – 920

Unveiling the complex structure-property correlation of defects in 2D materials based on high throughput datasets
Ali G., Malik M. S. I. et al.
npj 2D Materials and Applications 82, 7017 – 7038

PSIICOS projection optimality for EEG and MEG based functional coupling detection
Altukhov D., Kleeva D., Ossadtchi A.   
Neuroimage 280:120333 

Modified centroid triplet loss for person re-identification
Alnissany A.,  Dayoub Y. 
Journal of Big Data 10 

5. Streptomyces rare codon UUA: from features associated with 2 adpA related locations to candidate phage regulatory translational bypassing
Antonov I. et al. 
RNA Biology 20, 926  942 

Automorphisms of algebraic varieties and infinite transitivity
Arzhantsev I. 
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal 34, 143 – 178

Varieties covered by affine spaces, uniformly rational varieties and their cones
Arzhantsev I., Kaliman S., M. Zaidenberg 
Advances in Mathematics 437:109449 

Tits-type alternative for certain groups acting on algebraic surfaces
Arzhantsev I., Zaidenberg M. 
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 151, 2813 – 2829

On images of affine spaces
Arzhantsev I. 
Indagationes Mathematicae 34, 812 – 819

Degenerations of spherical subalgebras and spherical roots
Avdeev R. 
Communications in Contemporary Mathematics, 26:2350029

Cluster-Permutohedra and Submanifolds of Flag Varieties with Torus Actions
Ayzenberg A., Buchstaber V. 
International Mathematics Research Notices

Universal almost Optimal Compression and Slepian-wolf Coding in Probabilistic Polynomial Time
Bauwens B., Zimand M. 
Journal of the ACM 70:9 

Gorenstein Algebras and Uniqueness of Additive Actions
Beldiev I.  
Results in Mathematics 5:192 

Weak solutions to gamma-driven stochastic differential equations
Belomestny D. et al.
NIndagationes Mathematicae 34, 820 – 829

Simultaneous approximation of a smooth function and its derivatives by deep neural networks with piecewise-polynomial activations
Belomestny D., Naumov A., Puchkin N., Samsonov S. et al.
Neural Networks 161, 242 – 253

Fuzzy Sampled-Data Stabilization of Hidden Oscillations in a Memristor-Based Dynamical System
Bhagyaraj T., Sabarathinam S. et al. 
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 33:2350130 

Soundness-preserving composition of synchronously and asynchronously interacting workflow net components
Bernardinello L., Lomazova I., Nesterov R., Pomello L. 
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 179:104704 

Exact p‐value calculation for XCorr scoring of high‐resolution MS/MS data
Bhimani K., Peresadina A., Vozniuk D., Kertész‐Farkas A.  
Proteomics 19:e2300145 

Impartial games with decreasing Sprague–Grundy function and their hypergraph compound
Boros E., Gurvich V. et al.
International Journal of Game Theory  

Recognizing distributed approval voting forms and correspondences
Boros E., Gurvich V. et al.
Annals of Operations Research  

Deterministic n-person shortest path and terminal games on symmetric digraphs have Nash equilibria in pure stationary strategies
Boros E., Franciosa P., Gurvich V., Vyalyi M. 
International Journal of Game Theory  

Automorphisms of the total digraph for the ring of square matrices over a field
Costara C., Maksaev A., Promyslov V. et al.
Linear Algebra and its Applications 666, 129  143 

Some improved bounds in sampling discretization of integral norms
Dai F., Kosov E., Temlyakov V.  
Journal of Functional Analysis 285:109951 

Understanding of the properties of neural network approaches for transient light curve approximations
Demianenko M., Derkach D., Hushchyn M. et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 677:A16 

Longer Gaps Between Values of Binary Quadratic Forms
Dietmann R., Kalmynin A. et al.
International Mathematics Research Notices 2023,10313  10349 

Effective precursors for self-organization of complex systems into a critical state based on dynamic series data
Dmitriev A., Lebedev A., Kornilov V., Dmitriev V. 
Frontiers in Physics 11:1274685 

Twitter Self-Organization to the Edge of a Phase Transition: Discrete-Time Model and Effective
Dmitriev A., Lebedev A., Kornilov V., Dmitriev V. 
Complexity 2023:3315750 

Identifying dyslexia in school pupils from eye movement and demographic data using artificial intelligence
Dragoy O., Ignatov D. 
Plos One 11:e0292047 

Code4ML: a large-scale dataset of annotated Machine Learning code
Drozdova A., Trofimova E. et al.
PeerJ Computer Science 9:e1230   

Dealing With Sparse Rewards Using Graph Neural Networks
Gerasyov M., Makarov I. 
IEEE Access 11, 89180 – 89187 

Robust Manga Page Colorization via Coloring Latent Space
Golyadkin M., Makarov I. 
IEEE Access 11, 111581 – 111597 

SensorSCAN: Self-Supervised Learning and Deep Clustering for Fault Diagnosis in Chemical Processes
Golyadkin M., Pozdnyakov V., Zhukov L., Makarov I.  
Artificial Intelligence 324:104012 

The DL Advocate: playing the devil’s advocate with hidden systematic uncertainties
Golutvin A., Iniukhin A. et al.  
The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields 83:779 

Generalized relational tensors for chaotic time series
Gromov V., Beschastnov Y., Tomashchuk K. 
Complexity 9:e1254 

Prediction after a Horizon of Predictability: Nonpredictable Points and Partial Multistep Prediction for Chaotic Time Series
Gromov V., Baranov P., Tsybakin A. 
PeerJ Computer Science 23:6689371 

Semantic and sentiment trajectories of literary masterpieces
Gromov V., Dang Q. 
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 175:113934 

A Visual Analytics System for Improving Attention-based Traffic Forecasting Models
Jin S., Lee H. et al. 
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 29, 1102 – 1112

Rumour identification on Twitter as a function of novel textual and language-context features
Huang P., Al-Maeeni A. R. et al.
Multimedia Tools and Applications 7:6 

A two-phase heuristic algorithm for power-aware offline scheduling in IaaS clouds
Ignatov A., Posypkin M.  et al.
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 178, 1  10 

Tensor-Based Sequential Learning via Hankel Matrix Representation for Next Item Recommendations
Frolov E., Oseledets I.  
IEEE Access 11, 6357 – 6371 

Gaussian limit theorem for posterior distribution in the problem of conflicting expert opinions
Kasianova K., Kelbert M.   
Mathematical Communications 28, 203  212 

Transposed Poisson structures on Galilean and solvable Lie algebras
Kaygorodov I., Lopatkin V., Zhang Z.  
Journal of Geometry and Physics 187:104781 

Sparse representation for machine learning the properties of defects in 2D materials
Kazeev N., Al-Maeeni A. R., Romanov I.  
npj Computational Materials 9:113 

The Crux Toolkit for Analysis of Bottom-Up Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Data
Kertesz-Farkas A., Nii Adoquaye Acquaye F. L.  et al.
Journal of Proteome Research 22, 561 – 569  

Positive feedback loops lead to concept drift in machine learning systems
Khritankov A.   
Applied Intelligence 53, 22648 – 22666  

Anomaly detection in electroluminescence images of heterojunction solar cells
Korovin A., Zhukov L.  et al.
Solar Energy 259, 130  136 

KRAMER: Interpretable Rarity Meter for Crypto Collectibles
Krasnoselskii M., Madhwal Y., Yanovich Y.   
IEEE Access 11, 4283  4290 

Octopuses in the Boolean cube: Families with pairwise small intersections, part I
Kupavskii A., Noskov F. Y  
Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series B 163, 308  331 

Commutative action logic
Kuznetsov S.   
Journal of Logic and Computation 33, 1437  1462 

Physical origins of optical anisotropy in quantum-confined semiconductors: The roles of valence band mixing, transition broadening, and state filling
Lazarev M.  et al.
Journal of Applied Physics 133:094301 

Double cohomology of moment-angle complexes
Limonchenko I., Panov T., Song J., Stanley D.  
Advances in Mathematics 432:109274 

Predicting Molecule Toxicity via Descriptor-based Graph Self-supervised Learning
Li X., Makarov I., Kiselev D.  .
IEEE Access 11, 91842 – 91849. 

NEREL-BIO: a dataset of biomedical abstracts annotated with nested named entities
Loukachevitch N., Tutubalina E. et al.
Bioinformatics 39:161 

How to detect propaganda from social media? Exploitation of semantic and fine-tuned language models
Malik M.  et al.
PeerJ Computer Science 9:e1248 

SEHP: stacking-based ensemble learning on novel features for review helpfulness prediction
Malik M.  et al.
Knowledge and Information Systems 66, 653  679 

Synthesis of multilevel knowledge graphs: Methods and technologies for dynamic networks
Man T., Ignatov D. et al.
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 123:106244 

Stokes Inversion Techniques with Neural Networks: Analysis of Uncertainty in Parameter Estimation
Mistryukova L., Hushchyn M., Derkach D. et al.
Solar Physics 298:98 

Core–shell clustering approach for detection and analysis of coastal upwelling
Nascimento S., Mirkin B. et al.
Computers and Geosciences 179:105421 

Piece‐wise constant cluster modelling of dynamics of upwelling patterns
Nascimento S., Mirkin B. et al.
Expert Systems,  16 

Efficient Indexing of Peptides for Database Search Using Tide
Nii Adoquaye Acquaye F., Kertesz-Farkas A., Noble W.   
Journal of Proteome Research 2, 577 – 584

Discovering architecture-aware and sound process models of multi-agent systems: a compositional approach
Nesterov R., Bernardinello L., Lomazova I.  et al.
Softw Syst Model 22, 351 – 375

Fast convergence of empirical barycenters in Alexandrov spaces and the Wasserstein space
Paris Q. et al.
Journal of the European Mathematical Society 25, 2229  2250 

Symbolic expression generation via variational auto-encoder
Popov S., Lazarev M., Derkach D. et al.
PeerJ Computer Science 9:e1241 

Inference via randomized test statistics
Puchkin N., Ulyanov V. 
Annales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics 59, 1508 – 1529 

On Romanoff’s theorem
Radomskii A. 
Izvestiya: Mathematics 87, 113 – 153 

Fine-tuning Transformer Models using Transfer Learning for Multilingual Threatening Text Identification
Rehan M., Malik M., Jamjoom M. 
IEEE Access11, 106503 – 106515 

Latent Stochastic Differential Equations for Change Point Detection
Ryzhikov A., Hushchyn M., Derkach D. 
IEEE Access 11, 104700 – 104711 

Fast Search of Face Recognition Model for a Mobile Device Based on Neural Architecture Comparator
Savchenko A., Savchenko L., Makarov I. 
IEEE Access 11, 65977 – 65990 

Real-time low latency estimation of brain rhythms with deep neural networks
Semenkov I., Fedosov N., Makarov I., Ossadtchi A.   
Journal of Neural Engineering 20:056008 

Euler-symmetric projective toric varieties and additive actions
Shafarevich A.   
Indagationes Mathematicae 34, 42 – 53

On the automorphism group of a toral variety
Shafarevich A., Trushin A.   
Mathematical Communicationsnbsp28, 277 – 291

When to Switch: Planning and Learning for Partially Observable Multi-Agent Pathfinding
Skrynnik A., Yakovlev K. et al.   
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 

Ad astra or astray: Exploring linguistic knowledge of multilingual BERT through NLI task
Tikhonova M. et al.   
Natural Language Engineering 29, 554 – 583

Nonlinear Equilibrium Structure of Super Thin Current Sheets: Influence of Quasi-Adiabatic Electron Population
Tsareva O., Popov V. et al.   

Z-flipon variants reveal the many roles of Z-DNA and Z-RNA in health and disease
Umerenkov D., Konovalov D., Poptsova M., Fedorov A.   
Life Science Alliance 6:e202301962

Tensor rank bounds and explicit QTT representations for the inverses of circulant matrices
Vysotsky L., Rakhuba M.   
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 30:e2461

Automated defect identification for cell phones using language context, linguistic and smoke-word models
White M., Tarakanov A. et al.   
Expert Systems with Applications 227:120236

TVA-GAN: attention guided generative adversarial network for thermal to visible image transformations
Yadav N., Singh S., Dubey S.   
Neural Computing and Applications 35, 19729 – 19749

Digital fingerprinting of microstructures
Younas M., Malik M., Ignatov D.   
Computational Materials Science 218:111985

FastMosaic in Action: A New Mosaic Operator for Array DBMSs
Zalipynis R.   
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 16, 3938 – 3941

Interaction models for remaining useful lifetime estimation
Zhevnenko D., Kazantsev M., Makarov I.   
Journal of Industrial Information Integration 33:100444

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